Meet Sovita Chander.

She is the Director of Business Development and Academic Relations at Prompt and loves helping people fund, create, and share technology-driven innovation while growing the IT, digital tech, cybersecurity, and AI ecosystems across the province of Quebec.


Current Role

What She Does

Sovita has Quebec-wide responsibility for supporting the efforts of some of Canada’s most brilliant research minds, fostering their partnerships with industry, and furthering their
roles in innovation communities.

Why She Does It

She champions Prompt’s mission to increase the competitive strength of the province’s IT and digital tech industries, playing a pivotal role in enabling Prompt and the province’s
innovation ecosystem to thrive and create lasting economic impact. With Prompt now managing government-funded innovation programs in AI, cybersecurity, 5G, and more, Sovita is part of the team that is enabling
Prompt’s reach to scale.




Sovita brings over 20 years of private-sector
tech experience across the telecommunications, healthcare IT and medical
technology industries.


Prior to joining Prompt, Sovita served as a
go-to-market consultant, working with Quebec-based companies entering new healthcare markets, particularly outside Canada.


Before consulting,
Sovita co-founded a healthcare data and interoperability firm, Caristix, which drew clients from Xerox, GE, and the biggest hospital systems in the US.


Prior to this experience, she was with Cardinal Health, a Fortune 20 firm, and EXFO, a global telecommunications supplier.


Off the Job

Sovita’s lifelong appreciation for innovation and building new things
led her to serve on a number of boards.
Morrin Centre

As the president of the board
of the Morrin Centre, an English-language cultural centre with 200 year-old roots, she oversaw a 3X growth in visits and activities throughout her tenure.

Jeffery Hale Foundation

She is currently the vice-president of the board
of the Jeffery Hale Foundation, with a growing endowment fund that supports health, culture and community initiatives in the Quebec City region.


Life Path

Sovita is a graduate of McGill University. She spent her early years in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and the Washington, DC area. She’s called Quebec City home for the past 24 years.

Get in Touch

schander [at] promptinnov . com